Applying Satellite Data

     Applying Satellite Data

     Data from Remote Sensing Satellite is widely applied. At first it was visual interpretation as image photography, print or film. At present, data analysis is operated by modernized computer. And as the matter of fact that the satellite record image upon specified circulation, the received data is up-to-date. It can be beneficially used to integrate with other data to efficiently manage resource and environment including sustainable development. A variety of satellite data practical use could be summarized in many methods as follow.

1. Forestation

Satellite data is used in forest species classification, kind of mangrove forest, forestry plantation, wildfire area estimation, and continuously tracking changes of the forest.


2. Agricultural

Satellite data is used in studying cultivation area, industrial drop, product forecast, damage evaluation from natural disaster and agricultural pest, including planning to specify cultivation area of industrial drop, for example, longan, rice, candy cane, corn, tapioca, pineapple, palm oil, and rubber tree.


3. Land usage
Satellite data used in cartography is for land usage/land cover that is up-to-date and continuous in order to be information in planning and managing land usage properly.


4. Geology and Landform

Information on Geological structure, particularly Topography and Landform could be clearly studied from Satellite data. Cartography of the country’s Geological structure, which is basic data indicates natural fuel resource, including ground water resource, and plan of dam building, etc. Moreover, satellite data is also being used in Archaeology, for example, ancient city area, the Earth’s fault line, boundary of different type of stone, etc.

ภาพแสดงตัวอย่างการใช้งานด้านธรณีวิทยา และธรณีสัณฐาน

5. Hydrology and Water Resource Management

Satellite data plays an important role in providing data regarding irrigation canal, river, canal, reservoir, and dam. The studying of sediment spreading in basin for dam maintenance, flooding cartography for effective damage evaluation from flood, use in planning to prevent flooding during flooding season, and relieve people who suffers from flood. To track change of route and the width of the river, to study the water’s quality, to be used in analyzing drought area, including planning the construction of water source such as dam, reservoir, etc.

6. Oceanography and Coastal Resources

Satellite data is used in studying sediment spreading, mud beach area, and coastal resources, Cartography of coastal raising and fishery, which is beneficial in coastal resources management.

เครื่องมือประมง (โป๊ะและหลักเลี้ยงหอย) ในอ่าวไทย จ. ชลบุรี จากข้อมูลดาวเทียม RADARSAT


7. Cartography

Satellite data has high benefit in improving the Topography map to be correct and up-to-date. Cartography of fundamental structure, for example, road, traffic route, city plan map, in order to plan the resource management instantly and cost saving.




8. Natural Disaster and Environment

Satellite data is used in the study of the damage from natural disaster and plan to reduce the lost from a variety of casualty, for example, flood, landslide, and storm from typhoon. For environment, it can be used in tracking the sediment spreading caused from deep sea mining, coastal erosion, wastewater spreading, forest encroachment, etc.


9. City Plan and the Expansion of the City

Satellite data that has high resolution could be used in monitoring the expansion of the city and community for the purpose of planning to support the fundamental structure, searching for the location of minority village or searching for the suitable location for the new settlement.


10. Natural Security

Satellite could capture enough high resolution images for certain observation by capturing image of area where has high security risk in order to constantly monitor movement and change; consequently being able to make data bank. In addition, it is able to be used in examining narcotic plant cultivation and detect the area where might have drug transportation. The benefit in national security is invaluable.

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