WorldView-3 launched successfully.

Today, we have successfully launched WorldView-3, the newest addition to the most capable commercial imaging satellite constellation in the world.  WorldView-3 represents a revolution in remote sensing and will provide our customers the answers to the broadest set of questions yet. Our new satellite is a fantastic enhancement to our industry-leading constellation, and brings with it heightened capabilities which will enable us to further delight our customers:

  • 31 cm resolution capabilities provide the highest levels of satellite resolution commercially available in the world.  This technological enhancement will literally allow our customers to see a better world.
  • SWIR (or Short-Wave Infrared) bands add spectral coverage to the invisible range and will permit customers to see through substances such as smoke and haze, rendering these obstructions invisible.
  • CAVIS (or Cloud, Aerosol, Vapor, Ice, and Snow) brings unprecedented levels of consistency in data, helping us establish the global standard in satellite imagery.

To this email, we have attached an FAQ guide to help answer any questions that you may have.  In addition, please feel free to reach out to your primary point-of-contact at DigitalGlobe should you have more questions about the business implications of this exciting development.  Finally, make sure to visit (and share) the WorldView-3 microsite found at http://worldview3.digitalglobe.com.


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