SPACE INSPIRIUM, a learning center that engendered inspiration to the audience, leading to imagination beyond all knowledge


a learning center that engendered inspiration to the audience
leading to imagination beyond all knowledge

“You are not alone in the Universe”
…from questioning to the searching of an answer…


Beginning from learning about the Universe, why is there living things on our planet?, which consequently led to many questions regarding Earth, whether it is round or flat, to the searching and discover.

From doubt and from imagination to the space, and to unceasing technology.

• Zone 1 Universe 
Exhibit the origin of the Universe which will provide the answer through a hologram video presentation on why there is living things on our planet. What factor makes living things survive on Earth? And why aren’t we floating away from Earth?




• Zone 2 Historical Technology of Space 

Exhibit about evolution of going into the space since the beginning of the Age of the Sages, an early space pioneer, and the age of technology of Space. Enjoy the mission of sending a space craft and satellite into an orbit in Space Mission Game.





• Zone 3 Life Begins to Space 
Get ready to go out into the space. What factors are being concerned when traveling into outer space? After being out in the space, how will our body react? For example, body and gravity, including experience the Gyroscope, a machine imitating the gravity resistance which is used for astronaut training.




• Zone 4 Space Station 
Showing life in space; living in International Space Station: ISS, and the research in space, including how to carry out mission in space gloves.





Learning starts from questioning to find out the answer, and to inspiration.

• Zone 5 Space 3D Theater
A storytelling of space adventure through a couple of father and son.  Building curiosity about space, seeing the foster from generation to generation, creating inspiration to attract people’s interest about space, and reinforce imagination and learning more about space.





What is space technology? From satellite to convenience. Learn to understand, for creativity, to build inspiration to space technology.

• Zone 6 Satellite 

Exhibit about satellite, type, and orbit of satellite, including satellite building, mission to Mars, and astonished with our world that has satellites circulating around.





• Zone 7 Geo Informatics : เทคโนโลยีภูมิสารสนเทศ 
Getting to know Geo Informatics in every day life which emphasize that it feels close to home for us.






• Zone 8 Remote Sensing 

Exhibit about Remote Sensing technology, energy and radiation, Electromagnetic Energy, Spectral Reflectance, details of picture, information analyze, and also infrared camera used for looking through body or other objects and then show the thermal result.





• Zone 9 Global Navigation Satellite System
  Getting to know Global Navigation Satellite System.  Enjoy the Tracking Game that the player will play as an officer who is in charge of guarding the city. And if an incident occurs, which route will the player use to solve the     problem.




• Zone 10 Geographic  Information  Systems 
  Geographic Information Systems, analyzing process, and an experimental of making 3D map.





• Zone 11 GISTDA My House
  Similarly imitating an aspect of interested locations.






From many questions to puzzle solving, to creation, and idea development.

• Zone 12 Geo Informatics Application

Applying the natural benefit and environment about agriculture, city planning and protection, and increase understanding through city building games, agricultural advising, etc.




• Zone 13 Application for Tomorrow

Displaying the 360 degree picture of places with caption to create inspiration.



At Space Krenovation Park GISTDA Sriracha,Chonburi province 



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